Tad 18: Drawing Zoo

I went to an experimental event where artists were displayed to public as if in the zoo. I didn’t know that it will be like that — I was invited to draw dancers, but ended up on display as a part of a conceptual piece.

While dancers performed wonderfully, it was only about 25 minutes of actual drawing time given. That was also interrupted by strange concept: performance was divided into tiny time chunks with an audience standing up from their sits each time interval, walking around watching the drawing process and then sitting back to their places and watching dance. I wonder, why not the other way around: they would walk while watching dance and sit quietly while performing. Or, actually, watching rehearsals, not the dance — since “the product” of drawing process is actual drawing.

It was impossible to draw, so artists performed instead — they represented stereotypical “Artists” by showing labour intense effort of drawing production and trashing their art supplies on their drawing surfaces.

There was also a little kid (only one unfortunately). He became very bored with performance, but we started to draw together our best drawing of the evening! I’m afraid that we’ve ruined conceptual efforts of adults 😦 but the boy was shiny and happy when we mixed all colors that we could! 🙂

[our best drawing goes here] — I let him have it…

When I talked to the dancer who’s conception it was, she told me that basically, she wanted to be different from other such enterprises: “Everybody draws while dancers dance, and I wanted to see what’s left after performance” — she told me. The girl apparently is not familiar with the way human perception works, neither with artist’s psychology, but will probably make a good business woman. She is a wonderful dancer nevertheless, and I have to admit the mastery of the dance itself: mixture of light acrobatics (supports) and simplicity. I liked the dance a lot.

In any case, here is what I have from that unfortunate experiment:


As scientists say: negative result is also a result.


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